Turn your long videos into shorts

Repurpose long-form content using automation and AI

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Trimmr creates videos with engaging graphics in any language.

AI-automated curation of short-form video ideas that repurpose your content.
Leverage trends in viewer retention with engaging overlays and customizable presets.
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Automated captions and a powerful web-based editor.

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/ˈtrimer/ (TRIHM-uhr) ○ noun

An AI-powered application that shortens long YouTube videos into shareable clips by identifying the most interesting or relevant segments of a video. It helps content creators and marketers produce viral videos that capture viewers' attention with quality editing.

Automatic Captions

Effortlessly render your spoken words as animated captions, improving engagement for viewers.

Daily Video Ideas

Never run out of content inspiration with Youtube shorts automatically generated and edited for you daily.

Text Animations

Add flair to your text with dynamic animations, making your captions pop and catch attention.

Customize Fonts

Personalize and brand your videos by choosing from a vast library of fonts and styles to fit your style and brand aesthetics.

Attention Bait Presets

Grab your viewers' attention instantly with captivating video elements designed to stop the scroll and engage.

Custom Video Assets

Incorporate your brand's logos, images, or any other media seamlessly into your videos for a branded look.

All-Language Support

Reach a global audience by producing content in multiple languages, breaking down linguistic barriers.

AI-Powered Editing

Let artificial intelligence do the heavy lifting, auto-detecting key moments in your content to streamline your editing process.

Interactive Templates

Choose from a range of professionally designed templates to enhance your video's visual appeal.


Preview all premium features with a free account


A low-cost option for new users, unlocks all premium features.
US$ 7/mo

Per month:

Import 5 hours of video from Youtube (~20 videos)

Render 10 minutes of video content (~20 shorts)

Generate 1k AI-edited videos


Use all features with increased limits for larger channels.
US$ 19/mo

Per month:

Import 20 hours of video from Youtube (~80 videos)

Render 5 hours of video content (~600 shorts)

Generate 3k AI-edited videos

Create custom presets



Enables high-volume throughput for dedicated power-users.
US$ 149/mo

Per month:

200 hours of video from Youtube (~800 videos)

50 hours of video content (~6000 shorts)

10k AI-edited videos

Create custom presets


Hack your viewer's attention

Use viral and hypnotizing clips to capture your audience

Take advantage of our unique 'attention bait' templates. This unlocks an entirely new way to engage, and capture the attention of your audience or even new users.
Using trimmr AI's artificial intelligence algorithm, you will now be able to create attention bait videos with a simple click. Utilize our extensive library of videos and presets to customize the video to your exact needs.
Attention bait videos are the best way to engage with new users. It breaks up the mindless doom scrolling with engaging and unique content. Although they are focusing on the Subway Surfer or Temple Run video, they are absorbing the content.

Trimmr revolutionizes short-form content creation by leveraging ChatGPT to select compelling segments from videos. It simplifies editing with automated captioning and cloud-based rendering. Our intuitive browser-based editor lets you overlay graphics and other videos, which can be saved as custom presets. Our library of presets is crafted to engage users immersed in scrolling through content, offering a refreshing and captivating experience that encourages content consumption.

Trimmr supports a range of formats for graphical overlays, including MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, and WEBM. For the primary video content, Trimmr currently accepts videos imported via YouTube URLs, providing a seamless starting point for your creative process.

Trimmr harnesses YouTube's automatic transcription, which supports a wide array of languages, to import captions for videos. This means virtually all languages are accommodated. Note that if English captions are unavailable, it may limit some functionalities, like automated idea generation, but you can still edit and render your video effectively.

Absolutely! Trimmr automatically imports video captions from YouTube, which you can then fine-tune in our browser-based editor. Our advanced caption editor enables precise control over the timing of animations, down to individual words, with the added benefit of real-time editing capabilities during playback.

In the realm of short-form content, mixing primary content with engaging side-content, like gameplay footage, is trending. Trimmr offers a video templating system with a variety of pre-designed presets to captivate audiences engaged in passive content scrolling. These presets are engineered to enhance viewer retention with visually striking and engaging elements. Furthermore, Trimmr empowers you to upload your own assets and design custom presets, offering limitless creative possibilities.

Trimmr offers a free account tier, allowing full access to all platform features, except for cloud rendering. For full video rendering and export capabilities, a paid subscription is necessary. This structure ensures you can explore and familiarize yourself with Trimmr's features before committing to a subscription.

Yes, Trimmr provides tailored enterprise solutions. If you're looking for a customized plan that suits your specific needs, reach out to us through the contact form or email us at [email protected] for a personalized consultation.

For any assistance or inquiries, Trimmr's support team is readily available. You can contact us using the online form or directly via email at [email protected], and we'll ensure a prompt and helpful response.

Why use trimmr

Youtube Shorts made easy

trimmr is a game-changer for content creators looking to maximize their reach across multiple platforms without compromising on quality or spending countless hours in the editing process.
Leverage the power of AI to transform long-form YouTube content into platform-tailored short-form videos for YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, TikTok, and Pinterest. With a highly customizable editor, you retain full creative control over your output.
Whether your focus is fashion, entertainment, podcasts, or beyond, trimmr caters to your unique needs, saving you significant time and effort. The process is easy, the results are high quality, and your content becomes more accessible than ever. With trimmr, you can truly make the most of your content and engage your audience wherever they are.